Welcome, my name is Aaron, and my call sign is KI5PCQ. I got my ticket in 2021, but unfortunately struggled to get plugged in to learn. So I decided to build this site to amass data and instructions in an easy way for everyone to understand. Since most information related to HAM is public, and I’m a fan of the easy button, I’m going to copy my company Bio here 🙂

Aaron is our founder and managing partner. With over 10 years experience in IT he’s one of the first people most customers will interact with. While in college for Cisco network administration, Aaron worked as the only tech at the Carter BloodCare data center in Woodway. After graduation Aaron started contracting with family Christian stores and started the company that is now CNS Waco, traveling all over the country to deploy new FCS stores and developing logistics and construction skills along the way. Aaron is CCNA, MTCNA, and MTCRE certified, as well as attending the clearly IP training course for FreePBX phone systems. He also maintains the company’s 3D printer. He resides in Hewitt and has 3 dogs and 1 cat. And spends the weekend kayaking, biking, or playing with the company drone.

If there’s anything you want to learn about, send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I’ll do my best to get a tutorial up on this site. If you have one you want to submit, send that in as well and let me know how you want it credited!